Monday, August 10, 2009

Burger King has no taste

In the food industry where taste should be everything, we were surprised to see advertising approved by the global chain that is anything but tasteful. Attached is a print advertisement being distributed by Burger King that is clearly geared towards a male audience, but will also be viewed by millions of women ... and worse, children. It's unfortunate that shock value has become so "un-shocking" that advertising has to stoop to these levels to market a restaurant that normally appeals to a family audience.

What happened to the days of "we have a great product, this is why you should try it?" Instead of, "look at our offensive advertising and let's get the world to discuss our brand." Excuse me, their "poor brand." Shame on the agency for suggesting this approach, and, even more disturbing, the client approving its direction. Burger King used to be a strong brand, but their approach to advertising over the last few years has left a lot to be desired. And this latest approach crosses the line. A short-term gain approach will never support long-term success. We believe this is the beginning of a decline of a well-know brand. And for us at Glint, we will not support this type of business, 99 cents or otherwise.

If anyone knows the executives at Burger King, please let them know Glint Advertising is available to help them gain market share in a positive way that supports what their business model should be, excellent flame-grilled burgers for the entire family. We leave everyone with this; listen, advise, and execute in a way that is memorable and measurable. If you can't, let us help. Otherwise, you could be left with a bad taste in your mouth, too. We welcome your comments and understand not everyone will be ashamed of this approach, however, considering their target audience and the playgrounds they build in their restaurants, BK should be. Visit us online at or call us at 817-616-0320.

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